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Divorce or dissolution as it is increasingly becoming known is a legislatively created and judiciary administered process that legally terminates a marriage no longer consider viable by one or both spouses .This permits both to remarry. However in this part of the world, freedom to remarry could be attained only by an act of parliament. There are many symptoms of a failing marriage. A senior pastor of the Christian Action Faith Ministries, Rev. Dr. Ben Adjei Anum says marital divorce is not necessarily evil, but what has led to divorce being seen as evil is lack of balanced teachings of the Bible by the clergy(2007). This essay however focuses on the basic causes of divorce.

Infidelity or extra marital affair as it may be called is one major cause of the increase in divorce. The new age, society has got different avenues which enable people to get closely acquainted. There is increase interaction in the workplace and regular clubs also provide chances of greater interaction with others. It is much easier to make friends and remain in constant touch with them. And also through the use of mobile telephony and internet chatting. When people engage in greater interaction with outsiders, they spend lesser time with their spouses. This is a major cause of increase in extra marital affairs and this consequently impact upon the rate of

Another well mentioned cause is physical abuse. Pressure from the workplace, peer pressure may result in an individual leading a highly stressed out lifestyle. As the stress accumulates, it automatically searches for avenues to let out the steam. The easiest avenue is one’s spouse. Thus a small argument may turn into a big fight and it may result in applying violent method on the part of the husband or wife. Long term physical abuse can be a major factor in the decision to file for divorce.

In today’s world, money plays an important role; perhaps more than before history. As men mingle, the status of an individual is increasingly determined by material wealth. A lack of the ability to keep abreast with the peer group in this regard may cause unnecessary and avoidable stress on the marriage of two people. Even if there is a dearth of money to meet the basic household expenses, there is bound to be a lot of friction between a husband and a wife on this account. Any intolerable increase in finance related troubles could be a cause that leads to divorce.

Incompatible couples may easily divorce than very compatible couples. At times there may be nothing wrong with the marriage itself. It may be that both the given individuals are truly honest people—yet difference may occur. Let us not forget that individualism is the hall mark of our age. Thus lack of compatibility amongst the husband and wife is turning out to be an ever-increasing cause for divorce.

Finally, emotional abuse is distinct from its physical version. Nevertheless it can have far reaching consequenting for the sufferer. The scars of emotional abuse may not be visible but they can be so deep so as to mar one’s personality for a lifetime.

In conclusion, divorce and its divergent problems can be solved by enhancing communication skill. Effective communication ensures that couple live in harmony and in peace with each other.


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  1. My husband want to leave me and my kids for another woman wihtout even thinking of how and what we do,he is now staying with the other woman please advise me on what to do.
    thank you

    1. Let him go but make sure he takes care of u guys

  2. My fiancee was married through the law courts but has been separated from him for over 4 years.we now want to get married legally . Can we go ahead with the marriage . Note: the other man is no where to be found.